About Us

The perfect choice for agricultural services


Eco Agro is a company providing agricultural activities (services) in the field of garden plants. Our company, whose focus of crops is intensely walnuts and almonds, offers alternatives to the local manufacturers and investors.

Eco Agro agricultural business model starts with locating the lands convenient for walnut and almond cultivation, determining the best types of them for these lands, and cultivating. By maintaining the processed lands in agricultural terms we aim the continuity of a sustainable, maximum harvesting, and permanent investment with high efficiency.

According to the Turkish Chamber of Agriculture despite Turkey is the 4th in walnut producing in the world, it can only supply the 28% of the domestic demand. Eco Agro business model intends to contribute both to meet the domestic needs and to increase the production of exportable local products.

Internationally experienced founders of Eco Agro want to enlarge their experiences in garden plants and also to offer long-term income opportunities to the investors.

Beside the local investors the walnut and almond gardens processed and maintained by Eco Agro are being preferred by investors from Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and İran as well.